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佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

Check out our new station pages! Each station page has photos of the station, metadata, current observation and forecast, and more.

Read the latest monthly summary from the Fort Collins Campus Weather Station:

April 2023 Summary

CoCoRaHS Condition Monitoring Map

Have you seen our CoCoRaHS Condition Monitoring maps? CoCoRaHS observers all over the country are reporting what conditions are like where they live. Explore the map for some cool descriptions and helpful information.

Our state is no stranger to extremes! Did you know you could check a station's monthly extremes on our website? Scroll to the bottom of our Climate Extremes Page to see a list of our long-term stations. From there, you can select a month and see the hottest, coldest, and wettest extremes recorded at that station.
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Current Conditions

Fort Collins Weather Station
Current conditions

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

Colorado CoCoRaHS Precipitation

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

The Weather Channel interviewed Noah Newman about CoCoRaHS on this momentous occasion, 50 million observations!

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

9News chatted with Zach Schwalbe and Becky Bolinger about the importance of our state's mesonet - CoAgMET.

Academic scientists adjust to a new pace under Coronavirus

佛跳墙2023 破解 蓝奏云

Zach Schwalbe and Becky Bolinger share information about our essential activities during stay-at-home orders.

What will Colorado's wildfire season be like in 2023?


Becky Bolinger contributes some information on typical wildfire season patterns around the state and how snowpack and drought play a role.

Fort Collins to match Miami's high temperature on Super Bowl Sunday before cold, snow

January 31, 2023

Peter Goble talks about the lack of snow in January and the expected changes we'll see in February.

Colorado's top weather stories of the decade - fatal fires, floods, and the bomb cyclone

January 2, 2023

The Coloradoan summarizes the top events from 2010-2023, with input from Russ Schumacher.


December 22, 2023

The Aspen Daily News talks about how climate change will impact snowpack in the region, with a mention to a study done by Peter Goble and Nolan Doesken.

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November 26, 2023

This article summarizes the presentations given at the November Water Availability Task Force meeting, providing current conditions and also highlighting moments of the previous water year.

Colorado Went From Summer to Winter and No, That's Not Really Normal

October 30, 2023

Becky Bolinger talked with CPR about the seasonal whiplash Colorado experienced going from the hottest September on record to one of the coldest Octobers on record.



Southern Colorado's KOAA interviewed Peter Goble about the record September heat and what could be in store for winter.

Sorry, skiers, but we're probably not going to have another epic snow year

September 12, 2023

Russ Schumacher gives his winter predictions to the Denver Post.

What a warm fall means for Colorado's leaf-peeping season

September 4, 2023

Becky Bolinger discusses the warm fall with 9News and speculates what it could possibly mean with respect to the fall foliage.

After record heat, what's in store for Colorado this fall?


Becky Bolinger gave a live interview on Colorado Public Radio's Colorado Matters to discuss the fall outlook, and what sorts of wild weather we can expect this winter.

Colorado's summer weather started cool, but has turned hot and dry

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Peter Goble talked about the hot and dry August, and drought conditions, with Colorado Public Radio.

Harbinger of big heat


Russ Schumacher provides some Colorado perspective on a Washington Post article about climate change.

'We are definitely nerding out': Large hailstone may set Colorado record

August 14, 2023

Russ Schumacher and Becky Bolinger traveled to Bethune to measure the largest hailstone ever recorded in the state.

How weather forecasts are made

August 13, 2023

Russ Schumacher contributes to a Discover Magazine article on the current state of weather forecasting.

Hottest temperature ever recorded in Colorado under review

August 8, 2023

Becky Bolinger tells the story of discovering a new possible state temperature record and what the process is for verifying state climate extremes.

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