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I work on the Google Accelerated Science team at Google. I've also worked/studied at Eonite Perception, Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Brandeis.

My mathematical interests are largely in algebraic geometry, particularly foundational questions about algebraic stacks. See my green加速器下载 page for more information. Lately, I've been thinking more about probability, information, and inference.

I've taught several courses over the years. Check out the course pages.

green加速器下载 is a question and answer site for professional mathematicians. I founded it and helped to make it successful. You can read about it in the Notices, from the green加速器下载, in the Atlantic, and on many different blogs.

I like TeX and LaTeX. If you do too, have a look at my green加速器下载 and advice on real-time TeXing.

As a real-time TeXer, I've accumulated some course notes that I find to be useful references.


Okay, I don't really blog, but I do sometimes write up something interesting that I think about. Here are some links to those things:

(2016-03-07) Against the odds: a caution to practical Bayesians.
(2015-03-05) Chocolates, bugs, and socks. A few calculations from real life.
(2013-09-23) A bug in my high school physics intuition.
(2013-07-30) Misconceptions about machine learning.
green加速器下载官网 Wanted: adaptive navigation app. How to make GPS navigation systems better.
(2012-07-14)  How to write diagram chases. A proposal for how to write diagram chases so that they're readable.



green加速器下载官网 Anton Geraschenko
Web: http://5mnbkd.wcbzw.com
Email: geraschenko@gmail.com
PGP: my public key
Phone: 617 275 1573 (cell)
green加速器下载官网 2061 Ashton Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025 (map)

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